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Awesome morning’s yomp with Grant from Future Terrain.


Grant and the Future Terrain team provided expert vehicle support to Mark and the team throughout the #Bowra1000 with Grant and FT trustee, Charles, joining Mark to cycle the final day's miles into Lands End!


Hoofing to get together, catch up and talk 2021...


Have great weekends, everyone and we hope it's sunny where you are.


By the way - this is our first attempt with the Relive app - let us know what you think!


Awesome morning’s yomp with Grant from

Future Terrain


Watch the video on FB here

Playing card games can be very helpful for rehabilitation for people living with neurological disorders.


Every Bowra Bag includes a standard deck of cards and a stand so recipients with limited mobility can play one-handed. Playing your own hand increases the sense of independence (and prevents any helpers from gaining an unfair advantage!!)

Even simple games offer opportunities to progress dexterity, strategic thinking, numeracy and co-ordination.


During his early rehab, Mark enjoyed playing card games with the kids, starting with snap, prompting conversations about games they all played together when they were younger.


We are here to help. If you know someone that could benefit from a Bowra Bag, get in touch by using our form here

''What's in side matters''


Watch the video on FB here

It was a beautiful sunny weekend here on the South Coast, Mark made the most of it by going for a walk around Lulworth Cove and Durdledoor.


Overall, Mark completed 8.7 miles and thoroughly enjoyed taking in the sights and spotting the cruise ships yes, they are still there!

We are looking forward to the summer when more of you can join us for a yomp.


Until then, here’s to a great week ahead!


The sun is shining, and spring is calling!


Meet Dave Carlisle. Dave is a military veteran – and a veteran of the Fire Service.


Dave and the veterans’ group at Penzance Community Fire Station made the last day of the Bowra 1000 extra special by inviting Mark to their monthly Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club. Everyone on Team Bowra was well fed and made extremely welcome - we can’t wait to return when restrictions allow.


Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs is an international network, which brings veterans and serving armed forces personnel together in a safe and social environment to enjoy breakfast and banter, to combat loneliness and allow veterans to “return to the tribe.”


Dave wants people to feel they can embrace being a veteran. Be proud of what you’ve done, seek support and help from groups around you if you need to. It’s as enriching to be a veteran, as it is to have been in the services.


To find your nearest Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club, visit their Facebook page Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs.

You can help spread the veterans’ messages by going to our website and signing up for the latest updates.


Thanks once again to The Veterans' Foundation for supporting this initiative.

"Embrace being a veteran, be proud of what you’ve done”


Watch the video here

Mark continues to push towards his goal of stretching maximum distances on walks and cycles. Overall Mark completed 11.7 miles and took some great pictures along the way!


Luckily Mark’s wife Iona, came out with much needed snacks and drinks to replenish energy levels.

The Purbecks, taking in views of Old Harry and Corfe Castle is proving to be one of Mark’s favorite hikes but we want to ask you, where is your favorite place to go walking?


Help for Heroes Official

Great day for a yomp around the Purbecks!


Here’s Bowra Foundation Ambassador, Sally Orange, Endurance Runner & Adventurer with her message to veterans.


Having faced her own mental health challenges, Sally speaks openly in an attempt to remove the associated stigma. As well as seeking out specialised support, Sally encourages others to manage their own mental wellbeing through healthy eating, physical activity and a positive mindset.


On the final day of the Bowra 1000 Challenge, Mark and Sally were fortunate to join the Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs at Penzance Community Fire Station. The station’s veterans’ committee provided a warm welcome, delicious breakfast and the perfect RV and setting off point (complete with police escort!) for the very last leg of Mark’s epic Challenge. Stay tuned for more on this next week.


To view our series of Veterans’ Messages and updates on how to get involved with Bowra Foundation sign up at the bottom of the page.


Thank you once again to Veterans' Foundation, for their support of this initiative.


"Being around people who inspire you and are positive breeds positivity”



Watch the video here

Meet Lee Spencer, the Rowing Marine. Lee is a former Royal Marine, Bowra Foundation Ambassador and record breaking Atlantic Rower.


Lee lost his right leg when he stopped to help at the scene of a road accident in 2014.


Lee first met Mark Bowra when they were both recovering at HeadleyCourt, they share the same drive for rehabilitation, challenge and adventure. Lee accompanied Mark on two days of the Bowra 1000.


Lee’s message to veterans is that although it may feel like you lose part of your identity when you leave the Armed Forces, if you hang in there, keep challenging yourself and getting involved, the adventurous spirit, that person defined by service is still there.

True to his word, Lee is planning a whole series of challenges in preparation for the Triathlon of Great Britain in 2022 which will incorporate a Channel Swim! Check out Lee’s social media accounts Lee Spencer The Rowing Marine.


Thanks once again to Veterans' Foundation, donors and players of the Veterans’ Lottery for generously supporting this initiative.


"That adventurous spirit is still there"


Watch the video here

What’s inside matters! Today we share with you another Bowra Bag item that helped Mark throughout his own recovery journey, the Notebook.


When designing the concept of the Bowra Bag, Mark included the notebook to help with communication using writing and pictures, to keep reminders and to note down thoughts and ideas.


The notebook is Mark's lifeline - he never goes anywhere without it. When Mark is struggling to find a word, he sometimes can write down the first letter which is a huge help to him in feeling understood and isolated.


It is a simple item, but to people who suffer from aphasia, like Mark, or other difficulties with communication, a notebook is priceless.

We are here to help! The earlier we can get a Bowra Bag to someone living with a neurological disorder, the more support we can provide.


If you know someone that could benefit from a Bowra Bag, get in touch by using our form here

''What’s inside matters! ''


Watch the video on FB here





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