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The DMO® Custom Glove

This is Mark Bowra's Blog, Mark had a stroke that has left him with Aphasia. Aphasia involves varying degrees of impairment in four primary areas:

  • Spoken language expression.

  • Written expression

  • Spoken language comprehension.

  • Reading comprehension

What lies below and the title are marks words and this blog is a record of his unrelenting pursuit of recovery.


I had a stroke but ten years ago and I went to Headley Court Military Hospital but issued me the splint but it's an old custom made splint. I has old glove and I replaced it but Help for Heroes bought it me.

This is designed to improve conditions which induce either high or low muscle tone. Its unique design rotates the arm into a functional, comfortable position; repositions the thumb and maintains correct alignment of the wrist. #Help for Heroes, #Stroke #Rehab #Bowra-Foundation #


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