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Errorless learning

This is Mark Bowra's Blog, Mark had a stroke that has left him with Aphasia. Aphasia involves varying degrees of impairment in four primary areas:

  • Spoken language expression.

  • Written expression

  • Spoken language comprehension.

  • Reading comprehension

What lies below and the title are marks words and this blog is a record of his unrelenting pursuit of recovery.


I am speak - zoom call Speech and language with Mel and Errorless learning (, days of the month and numbers and dates frustrating. #errorless-learness, #stroke #rehabilition #bowrafoundation


Errorless learning has many advantages:

Such as:

Positive learning environment

More opportunities to access reinforcement

Higher engagement due to fast-paced and varied tasks

Increased motivation

Higher accuracy of performed tasks

Better self-esteem

Developing independence

Decreased frustration and discouragement

Reduced likelihood of challenging behaviors

Faster acquisition of skills.


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